Want To Sell On eBay But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Easy step-by-step auction eBay home study videos course by an eBay trained education specialist who has also taught how to sell on eBay through the Adult Education System.

Have you ever thought about selling items in an online auction but did not know where to start? Ever thought about getting rid of those surplus things around the house? That’s where many of the successful eBay and other auction site sellers started. They sold a few things to see how it would go and it grew from there… and you can too.

Maybe you would like to add another lucrative channel to your existing business? Anyway you look at it, online auctions are a phenomenon that you can’t afford to overlook. Thousands of people from around the globe are earning their primary income from online auction sites and many more are generating a substantial secondary income.

Don’t spend days, weeks, months muddling your way towards successful eBay selling… you are wasting precious selling time and losing $$$ in the process!

Selling on eBay is a skill which you can learn through trial and error over a period of time or, by investing in a little formal eBay training, you can, in a matter of a few hours, fast track your way to selling.

You will find your eBay training fee will be recovered in a very short period of time and, if you are planning to sell on eBay as a business, the training fee may be tax deductible (see your accountant for professional advice regarding your personal situation).

Whether you are brand new to the world of eBay, or you have been dabbling for a while, this eBay training course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to either start selling or sell more effectively.



This eBay training course is suitable for those with little or no selling experience. If you have experience buying and selling on eBay and are looking to take your eBay selling experience to the next level… we’ve got you covered, read on…

The videos are all categorized so you can select the videos to view that best suits your experience level. Each video also has the time length of the lesson listed next to it, so you can select a video that best suits your lesson time frames. The videos are also all categorized with length of viewing times enabling you to plan your study times. You can even pause the videos while you complete each demonstrated task and then proceed with the next lesson.

eBay Training Videos Beginners

How to Navigate the eBay Website

How to Register for eBay and PayPal Accounts

Selling Formats and When to Use Them

eBay Auction Fees

eBay Listing Policies

Sales, Packaging & Postage Procedures

Taking Photos & Cropping for Your Listings

Feedback: When and How to Leave It

Bid Retractions & Buyer Protection

What to do About Unsold Items & Non-Paying Bidders

How to List an Item for Sale Directly onto eBay

The videos also contain tips on how to set out and design your listings, how to take, crop and upload photographs for your listings, postage and handling tips, how long to run an auction for… and lots more…


This course is designed for advanced eBay users and you may already be familiar with some of the topics listed. If this is the case we will spend more time on the other subjects.

eBay Training Videos Advanced

How to Use eBay Toolbar & Selling Manager

About Using TurboLister™ to List Items

TurboLister™ Setting Defaults & Creating Templates

TurboLister™ Listing an Item

TurboLister™ Importing & Exporting Items

Synchronizing TurboLister™ with eBay

How to Open an eBay Store (2 videos)

Using eBay’s “Want it Now Site”

Marketing Your Online Store (4 videos)

Using eBay’s Markdown Manager for Store Sales

Auction Arbitration and How to Use It

How to Write an eBay Guide

How to Upload & Encode Videos for Auction Listings & Websites

How to Embed Streaming Video into Your Auctions Listings & Websites

How to Insert Pre-Designed Templates into Your Auction Listing

How to Send a Video Email Thank You with and without Templates

How to Create an Video Email Marketing Campaign

How to Set  up an Auto Responder Campaign

This course is very different from anything else you are likely to find online or off as Paul Holcroft is one of only a handful of trainers who is able to teach you how to use the web’s latest cutting edge tool, streaming video, in your auction listings and, who can show you how you can make money out of eBay auctions without listing any products of your own.


This easy step-by-step eBay auction videos training course is created by Paul Holcroft, who has been successfully trading through online auction sites since early 2001, has been a registered eBay trained education specialist since 2006, is an experienced eBay trading assistant.

Paul has a 100% positive feedback rating over 4000 and specializes in customer service, which in turn creates numerous repeat customers. You will learn by looking over his shoulder, which will not only empower you to sell on eBay, but the tips and tricks you learn can be applied to any online auction site.

This is the same course he teaches in his private one-on-one training sessions and in the past, the group eBay training sessions conducted through the Queensland TAFE at $125 per participant.


eBay Video & Hands-on Course Testimonials

“I’m slowly working my way through the video tutorials and am finding them very useful. The presentation is down to earth, simple and direct taking the mystery out of the process.”

“Excellent program with clear and comprehensive content. Paul is a great communicator. As I had not done anything with eBay previously I would have liked the program to run over 3 or even 4 sessions. I would not have minded if it were a higher fee to accommodate this.”

“The instructor provided very clear instructions re the various aspects of eBay selling, satisfactory answers to questions and valuable tips, hand-outs and importantly follow-up access.”

“Well organised, coherent and well paced. Patient and helpful.”

“Paul was a fountain of useful knowledge!”

“Paul was very knowledgeable and helpful. Excellent!”

“Paul was very informative and has provided a high level of service in his course and his follow up support.”

“Easy to understand good communication skills and well paced.”

“My individual tutor is very knowledgeable & experienced with loads of patience. His expertise, follow-ups and guidance have all proven to be invaluable.”

“Very informative and patient, went over finer details of everything needed. Very happy and ready to sell on eBay!”

“A gentleman all round, recommended to all who are bound for EBay glory.”

“Genuine. Very helpful. Seeing I am not eBay savvy he gave me the confidence to give it a go.”

“Very good, training and I learnt a lot form the course!”

“Friendly, easy going instructions.”


Video is rapidly becoming the fastest growing form of communication. The problem is that standard text format or text and audio combined doesn’t have the same impact or retention capability of video instruction.

You may have begun including pictures and images to help convey your meaning and make impact. But that still doesn’t solve the problem!

Why is this? Perhaps because the true power of a message is derived from visual and auditory cues.

Consider these facts:

55% of a message meaning is derived from facial expression

38% of a message meaning is derived from gestures, body language, etc.

It’s also important to note when conveying an important message people only remember:

10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

50% of what they see and hear together

80% of what they see, hear and do


Streaming video over the Internet gets people’s attention and increases the likelihood that your message will be acted upon and remembered. And that’s what’s important when you’re communicating online. From embedding video messages in a simple e-mail to broadcasting live interactive sales and training events, companies are using video technology like never before, to communicate with both customers and employees.

Video Streaming is now an essential marketing tool for all businesses wishing to keep an edge on their competitors and stay on top of the marketing game. If you are not currently using streaming video communications on your website, in your eBay auctions, in your emails, in your training and, in your marketing campaigns you are already behind the eight ball.

Using streaming video in your eBay auctions and for customer contact, personalizes your customer’s experience. People feel like they are dealing with a real person in a real store and this adds to their confidence in dealing with you, which leads to repeat customers. People like dealing with people… not computers. You will learn how to do all this in this powerful eBay training home study video course.

Just look at some of the uses for Streaming Video in Auctions:

  • Streaming Video Emails
  • Answering auction questions with video email (creates trust)
  • Congratulating the winning bidder and explaining payment options
  • Follow-up with video email after payment has been received
  • Promoting upcoming sales and preferred customer discounts
  • Monthly store announcements
  • Adding video streaming presentations to your auction listings
  • Welcome visitors to your store with a introduction video
  • Introduce yourself on video on your about me page
  • Have a live video chat with your customers
  • Live broadcast your upcoming auctions and sales to the world

Paul is also acutely aware that many of the people who want to learn how to list items for sale on eBay are wanting to do so to earn a few extra dollars to balance the budget and as such, do not have a lot of spare cash to spend on an expensive eBay training course (we have seen them for as much as $500)

With this in mind we have kept the price where it is easily affordable by everyone. But do not get fooled by the cheap price-point, the information you will learn in this eBay video training course is very powerful and will probably teach you more than a lot of the expensive hyped-up course and seminars out there.

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